Am I an Activist?

I wrote my Representative and Senators today. I urged them to consider voting for House Bill HR 3235. In all honesty though, I think more is needed. The bill sets aside funding to support screening and treatment of women for postpartum depression. Yet I wonder about how effective such a bill would be.

It seems to me that there aren’t enough good therapists and psychiatrists in-network. I’ve heard some horror stories about caregivers telling women that they were just tired, or it was just the adjustment of having a child. This, from a credentialed caregiver! In my support circles, the prevailing wisdom is that if you want good care, you go out of network. Of course, that can be prohibitively expensive. So, how do we fix that problem? How do we evaluate the care of these providers in a balanced and measured way?  How do we incentivize good providers and weed out bad providers, all while keeping prices affordable to patients? Naturally that is the $64,000 question everyone’s pondering with health care.

Write your elected officials. You can get involved in one of the mass letters that a lot of the non-profits organize, but I think we can collectively be more powerful if we share our personal stories. One by one, let’s let them know that we’re out there. We’re suffering, but we’re not going to do it in silence.

Have you done what you could today?

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2 thoughts on “Am I an Activist?

  1. You are definitely an activist! I’m impressed and inspired by your writing the letter to your representative.

    I signed up to take part in the MayCampaign. I’ll be helping them out in May –
    They’re a great organization:

    “MayCampaign is the social media effort of the National Coalition for Maternal Mental Health raising awareness in May about disorders like Postpartum Depression.”

    Thanks for what you did – you took action to help others.
    Give yourself a lot of credit!

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