PPD Parenting Milestones

So a couple of weeks ago I did something that was completely unimaginable 6 months ago. I parented the little guy, all day, by myself on a weekend day.

My husband went out with the guys for a day at a local amusement park and I stayed home because a girlfriend was visiting from out of town. Plus I figured taking a toddler to an amusement park would be fun for…no one.

In the past, I’ve struggled with weekends. They’re a mix of relaxation, frustration and delight. It’s nice spending lots of time with the little guy but good lord is it exhausting. He basically comes through like a tornado, tearing up anything that isn’t nailed down and locating any possible dangerous object in the room, before finally crashing hard. He leaves the living room like a frat house, post-party. Come to think of it, he kind of is like a little frat guy. He staggers from table to chair, tripping here and there while he stops to throw his head back and swig some sweet, sweet milk from his magic munchkin cup.

But Sunday was amazing. I had a blast.

I’ve learned that getting out with the little guy is critical. So I planned for us to go over to the middle school and do sprints (I do them every Sunday as part of my fitness plan). I sprinted with the stroller and then walked over to a coffee shop to meet some friends. The little guy was ready for a nap, so we walked around the neighborhood and window shopped while he snoozed in his stroller. We got back to the house around 1PM. I tried to put little buddy down for a second nap but he opted out, so we hung out in the living room and played with trucks, stuffed toys and assorted loose items in the living room. A girlfriend came over to hang out and shortly thereafter, I put the little dude down for bed.

It was such a simple day, yet such an incredible milestone. Here I was, parenting my son and enjoying every bit of it. I wasn’t tired, I wasn’t irritable, I wasn’t a hot bag of self-doubt.

It’s amazing to feel that I’ve finally arrived as a mother. Sometimes it hurts that it took so long, but then again there are so many beautiful days to enjoy in the future.

Postpartum World_ICON_4C_Yellow Rattle

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